Fugl = Bird ~ birds and the environment in Denmark

Dates – April 26th to May 3rd, 2012

Deadline for applications – The workshop is FULL.

Application process

1. Grundtvig workshops are specifically aimed at people from vulnerable social groups and in marginal contexts, for example older people, unemployed or those who have left education without basic qualifications, in order to give alternative opportunities to access adult education

2. Do not apply if: – you have a higher education, – you have extensive foreign travel experience, – you are employed in a higher position in either public or private company. If this is the case, you might instead know of someone whom you think this workshop fits very well, and who might be very interested. You are welcome to help them through the online task of applying.

3. Ornithological requirements. It is not a prerequisite to know a lot about birds, but it is necessary to be interested in getting to know more about birds. Read the workshop elements to the right carefully. You will need to bring a pair of binoculars, your private bird identification book, and your bird observation note book.

4. Other. It is necessary to be able to walk and bicycle. It is necessary to have minimum basic English skills. The food is mostly vegetarian. Accommodation is in guest rooms with neighbors in the local village, often in shared rooms with other workshop participants.

5. How to apply: If the above 4 points fits with you, if the dates fit you well, and you would like to apply, then send an email to: smallplanet [dot] bird [dot] application [at] gmail [dot] com. You will then receive an application form.

6. If for some reason the above does not fit you, but you happen to know someone whom you think would be interested, then you are very welcome to inform them, and in case they need your help, you are very welcome to help them with the application process.

Location – The workshop takes place in Friland, Denmark’s mortgage-free and owner-built intentional community. This provides a chance to get first-hand experience with the low-cost, low-tech solutions applied in the everyday lives of ordinary citizens.

This is a Grundtvig Workshop – 2011-1-DK1-GRU13-03653.

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Workshop elements

Birds and Birdwatching

Birds live on all continents of the world. And they have caught the imagination of artists throughout the ages. Assisted by bird-experts (ornithologists) we will learn about the secret lives of birds. We will be immersed in all aspects of birding: enjoy bird-watching and rarity finding; indulge in the finer points of identification; thrill to amazing visible migration; and observe ringing techniques in practice. The course will introduce you to how to choose and appreciate your local patch, how to observe more carefully, develop your appreciation of the subtleties of migration and allow you to simply indulge yourself in birding. On daily Discovery Walks we will get personal experience in recognizing the different birds on the ground, in the trees, on the water and in the air. These walks will vary in length and time of day.

Birds in nature

Depending on the weather we will go on several all-day bird-watching trips. Options include going on a Discovery Day with a 100 year old commercial boat off the coast, going into the beautiful National park Mols Bjerge, enjoy visible spring migration at migration hot spots and visits to the forest lakes of the area.

Birds and the environment

Through informative evenings we hear about birds’ relation to the environment, the climate changes, the seasons etc. This is combined with stories and memories that the participants bring with them.

Feldballe Bird Race

We explore birdwatching as a mix between socialising and sport.

Community event

The workshop will be held in the small village of Feldballe, and to experience local culture, as well as sharing what we have experienced together during the workshop, together with locals we will build nesting boxes and bird feeders both for ourselves and for the community. We will place them around eg the school, the kindergarten, and the church building.